“Highway Meet”: frequently asked questions

  • 30/09/2020 - 13:45
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“Highway Meet” is a new event format created by Highway Star, made completely online. In order for you to get the most out of this experience, we need you to carefully read the guidelines below. Your participation in the event depends on you meeting certain requirements. The requirements are not hard to complete, but we need each participant to read the guidelines carefully to guarantee you will not miss any important information.

Please check information about tickets prices and where to buy links in each event page.

  1. I am a foreigner, can I buy tickets for the “Highway Meet”?

Yes, you can buy tickets for the event through Sympla with international credit card or through PayPal (for PayPal, please contact us by email: foreigners@hwstar.com.br).


– Please notice that the time disclosed in Highway Star website and in Sympla is in Brasília time. Please check the day and time of the open sales and the time of each session according to your local time zone.

– Please be aware that the translator provided for the event is only Portuguese and Korean speaker. No other translator will be provided for the event and you will have to talk with the artists in their native language (Korean). Please note that the artist may not be able to speak English fluently as well.

– If you have any doubt about buying tickets or about the event access by Zoom platform, you can contact Highway Star by e-mail: foreigners@hwstar.com.br.

  1. How will “Highway Meet” work?

“Highway Meet” will be held through Zoom platform, via Sympla Streaming. To join it, every participant must have access to a device (computer, cell phone or tablet) with internet access and download Zoom. You will access the event through the link that will be sent to each participant by e-mail after confirmation of the ticket purchase.

For all sessions with “exclusive room”, when accessing the platform, the event will take place in three different rooms

– In the first one, all participants will be together. This room will be mediated by the members of Highway Star team, that will check if the information about each participant is right. If you still have doubts at this moment, you can ask them to the Highway Star team before interacting with the artist.

– The second room will be the environment for the interaction with the artist. Each participant will access the room individually and will be taken to the room by the Highway Star team. Only the artist, the Korean-Portuguese translator, participant and Highway Star team will be there in this room. Each participant will only have access to this room during their moment of their interaction.

The participant will be in this room for two minutes timed. During this time, the participant can talk with the artist and hear their reply. After the end of the two minutes, the participant will be directed to another room.

– After the end of the event, you will be directed to a third room, where Highway Star team will give you guidelines to end your participation and leave the event.

For sessions with “shared room”, the event will take place in only one roomt:

– Upon accessing the event and being accepted into the room by Highway Star team, all participants will be directed to the room where the event will take place. In order not to miss any moment of the interaction, it is important that participants access this session as soon as the room is available. Each room is available 15 minutes before the start of each session, so we recommend you to join the room 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.

In this first moment, Highway Star team will check the information with each participant.

– As soon as the artist accesses the room, we will start the interaction. In this room there will be 20 participants of the session, Highway Star team, the Korean-Portuguese translator and the artist. Each participant will individually have their time to speak with the artist for two minutes. All the participants will remain with their microphone turned off. Your microphone will only be enabled in your turn and turned off after the end of your interaction. However, everyone will be able to watch the artists’ conversation with the other participants.

At the end of the session, the event will be closed.

In both formats, each participant will have two minutes to speak with the artist, including time for translation. 

  1. What I need to join the event?

After buying you ticket, you must guarantee you will have access to the following requirements:

  1. Computer, smartphone or table
    Supported operating systems for Computer access: Windows; macOS X (10.7 or higher); Ubuntu 12.04 or higher; Mint 17.1 or higher; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 or higher; Oracle Linux 6.4 or higher; CentOS 6.4 or higher; Fedora 21 or higher; OpenSUSE 13.2 or higher; ArchLinux (64 bits only).
    Supported operating systems for mobile or tablet: Android (4.0 or higher); iOS (7.0 or higher); iPadOS (13.0 or higher); Kindle Fire HD, Windows 8.1 Windows 10.
    2. Internet access: broadband wired or wireless connection (Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G / LT)
    3. Speakers or headset
    4. Microphone
    5. Zoom platform installed:
    Computer Download: Zoom Meeting Client
    Download to phone or tablet: iPhone or Android

The items listed below are the basic requirements to join the event and the participant must guarantee they are in perfect working conditions. All the participants must test the platform before the event to solve any possible problems with their devices.

  1. For how long can I talk with the artist?

You will have two minutes of conversation with the artist. During this time, you can talk with the artist, hear their reply and the translation (if you are Portuguese speaker). The translation you be made only between Korean-Portuguese. The time will be counted in a clock and at the end of your time your microphone will be turned off (for “shared room” events) or you will be directed to other room (for “exclusive room” events). There will be no extension of time for reasons of failure of the participant’s connection or for any other reason due to the participant’s responsibility.

Please notice: you will have two minutes to talk to all the artists. They will be together (in case of events with bands) and you will be able to interact with all of them during that time. You can direct your comments to a specific member or to the entire group, as you prefer.

  1. What happens if my connection fails during the event?

If your internet fails during the event, or if you have any problems that interrupt your participation in the event, such as a power outage or a failure in your device, you can access the event again through the same link you received by email. However, you should return to Zoom as soon as possible, before the session ends. Your participation will be conditioned to your return to the event environment, within the time artists are available. If you leave the event or have connection problems at a time close to your interaction time, we will only wait for your return until the end of the session. The artist’s attendance time and the total time of each session (40 minutes) will not be extended to attend participants who leave the room, for any reason. Please double check your connection and devices before the event to avoid issues.

If using a notebook, please check if it is charged or connected to the power source during the entire event, to avoid data loss and/or disconnection. The same goes for cell phone or tablet, double check the battery charge to avoid disconnection.

  1. How will the attendance order will be defined in each session?

The attendance sequence of participants will be defined by Highway Star team, according to the time of entrance of each participant in the first room of the event.

For sessions in “shared room”, Highway Star team will inform the participant when it is their turn and enable their microphone so that they can speak to the artist and, at the end of the two minutes, we will turn off their microphone.

In the other sessions, Highway Star team will inform participants who have been waiting that they can prepare themselves to talk with the artists. At the time of your interaction with the artists, you will be directed by Highway Star to the artist’s room.

  1. The event will be recorded? Can I record it?

Yes, the event will be recorded by Highway Star. Each participant will receive, after the event, a recording of their conversation with the artist. Each participant will also be able, individually, to record their moment of interaction with the artist using external screen recording tools, if they want to. There is no prohibition on this type of recording.

  1. I will be alone when talking with the artist or there will be other participants in the room?

In the sessions with “exclusive room”, when interacting with the artist, you will be the only participant present in the room. In addition to you, there will be only the artist, the Korean-Portuguese translator and Highway Star team. You will be able to interact with the other participants in the first room of the event, where the conference of the participants will take place.

In the sessions with “shared room”, you will speak to the artist in the same room as the other participants, so you will be able to see the artist talking to other people and these people will also watch your conversation with the artist.

  1. Is there any age restriction to participate in the event?

No, the event age rating is free.

  1. If I have problems on the day of the event to access Zoom or to access event, how can I talk with Highway Star team?

We will be available on our social medias and e-mail contato@hwstar.com.br. However, we recommend that you make the tests on the platform at least a week before the event, to solve any possible problems and check if your camera and microphone are working well. On the day of the event, we will provide assistance only to solve problems of access to the event. When you access Zoom, you can also make your last questions to Highway Star team.

  1. Can I enter the event after opening hour? What is the deadline for accessing the event?

Each session will be available 15 minutes before the event starts and each session is expected to last up to 40 minutes. You can access the event up to a maximum of 15 minutes after the session starts.

  1. What time should I access the event in advance?

The event room will be available 15 minutes before the event starts, but you will be able to access the room at exactly the start time, if you prefer.

  1. I have hearing loss, how can I join the event?

You will be able to interact with the artist through the chat on Zoom platform. There, you can send messages to the artist and read  what they answer for you. You can also ask questions to the Highway Star team through chat. To ensure your best experience at the event, if you are hearing difficulties and need to use the chat during the event, we kindly ask you to, after purchasing your ticket, send us an e-mail to contato@hwstar.com.br so can be prepared to attend you better and for the artist to be aware of the use of the chat with you.

  1. What can I say to the artist during the event?

You will have two minutes to interact with the artist and listen to what they have to say to you. Think carefully about how to enjoy this time. Some important tips:

– It is important to prepare in advance to not be nervous at the time and not to waste time thinking what to say;

– Don’t say anything offensive;

– You will be at home, so take this opportunity to talk to your idol in a comfortable way. Choose a very comfortable outfit and enjoy this moment – but remember not to wear anything that might be considered inappropriate;

– Remember to keep the environment quiet. Noises in the environment can make it difficult to understand the conversation;

Please notice: Highway Star reserves the right to turn off the camera, microphone or remove anyone who uses offensive language against artists, other participants or Highway Star team members from the event. The same goes for anyone who disrespects any rules of behavior imposed by the artist’s team or adopts any behavior considered obscene or offensive. Disrespect for artists, other participants or the professionals involved will not be tolerated.

  1. How will I access the event?

You will receive an access link to the event by e-mail. This link can not be accessed by more than one device simultaneously. You must click on the “ACESSAR TRANSMISSÃO” button to access the event on the day and time chosen for your session.

Your browser may ask you to authorize access to Zoom. If so, you need to allow browser access to the platform.

After clicking on the link, you will be directed to a page that will request your authorization to access the Zoom application. Before accessing the link, you need to download and install Zoom in advance. After that, the event will open in Zoom.

For sessions with “exclusive room”, you will be directed to the waiting room. Just wait until you are approved to enter the first room of the event, where Highway Star team will make the conference of the participants and give the guidelines for access to the artist’s room.

When your turn comes, we will make your transfer to the artist’s room. You must approve the request to be directed to the room where you will speak to the artist.

An important reminder: in this room, there will be you, Highway Star team, a Korean-Portuguese translator and the artist. In order for only the artist’s screen to appear highlighted in the application, you must double-click on the artist’s screen (on the computer, mobile phone or tablet). That way, only the artist’s screen will appear highlighted for you.

For sessions with “shared room”, the first environment is where the interaction of all participants will take place. Everyone will access the event with the microphones off and the microphone of each participant will only be enabled for two minutes, during their moment of interaction with the artist. After each participant’s time has elapsed, the microphone will be turned off again so that another participant can speak to the artists.

  1. How can I use Zoom tools? 

Zoom is a very simple and intuitive tool. When accessing the event, you will already be directed to the first room, where you will receive instructions about the event. On the platform, you have the option to turn your microphone and camera on and off. We ask that you always leave these options enabled. If your microphone or camera needs to be turned off, you will be informed by a member of Highway Star team.

Zoom also offers a chat for the participants. However, we ask that you do not use this chat unless requested by a member of Highway Star team. This space will be reserved for people with hearing needs and use of Highway Star team.

  1. How do I test my camera and microphone?

As soon as you download Zoom, you can create an account to test the platform’s tools.

If you will be using your phone and tablet, just install the application and authorize it to access the microphone and your camera. You can test if your microphone and camera are working by creating a meeting.

  1. My camera is not working, what can I do?

Camera errors are more usual for those who access Zoom from the computer. Some important procedures are:

– Check if the camera is correctly installed on your computer and if all drivers are updated;

– Check if your antivirus or firewall is not blocking Zoom’s access to the camera;

– Check if your computer’s access camera settings are activated;

– Check if in Zoom the access to the camera is configured.

If you’ve tested these options and your camera still isn’t working, you can contact Highway Star to see if we can help you. Please notice that we do not provide technical assistance, we can only help you with the most frequent errors.

That’s why it is extremely important that participants test their cameras as early as possible.

  1. My microphone is not working, what can I do?

Microphone errors are less frequent than camera errors, but even so, it is necessary to check if Zoom is enabled to access your microphone and if there is any configuration preventing it from being recognized by the application. Remember to check the accesses in your device’s settings, in the antivirus or firewall and in Zoom itself.

If, likewise, after these tests you are unable to enable your microphone, you can contact Highway Star to see if we can help you. Please notice that we do not provide technical assistance, we can only help you with the most frequent errors.

That’s why it is extremely important that participants test their microphones as early as possible.

  1. I clicked on the event link, but nothing happens. What can I do?

If the Zoom window does not open automatically, you must refresh your page (try using ctrl + F5 to refresh your browser) until the Zoom window appears for you.

Remember to unlock your browser to allow dialog windows.

  1. My internet went down during the event and/or I accidentally closed the Zoom window. How do I get back to the event?

Keep your e-mail open with the event link with easy access so that you can return to the room as quickly as possible, in case of a problem with your connection. If you leave the room, you can return using the same link.

  1. The quality of my image is very bad. What can I do?

Zoom displays images up to 1080p, but the quality displayed for each participant depends on each person’s internet connection. If your internet is not working well, Zoom will decrease the quality of images for you.

An important tip to avoid connection problems is, if possible, that you choose to use the cable internet on the computer, instead of the wireless.

Still have doubts? Contact us by e-mail: foreigners@hwstar.com.br.